Cat setback

Well, we’re back to looking for a temporary home for both cats. Nemo went on a trial run to the vet’s assistant over Shabbos, and it didn’t go well. There was an incident, which was not his fault.

Again, for the benefit of those considering hosting him, it was not his fault.

Anyway, she has a cat and two dogs of her own. So, she kept Nemo in a separate room for starters (this is a key part of gradually introducing a new cat to existing pets). She went to go check on Nemo in the middle of the night (he was lonely, and crying), and her own cat zipped into the room before she could stop him. Her cat then attacked Nemo.

Apparently, a full-on, roadhouse-style brouhaha ensued, complete with Nemo trying to climb the blinds to escape his attacker. One of her dogs interceded on Nemo’s behalf (!), resulting in a fight between her cat and the dog. The room is reportedly much worse for the wear, although Nemo’s wounds are, B”H, purely emotional.

She apologetically explained to us tonight that Nemo is very sweet and – I can’t emphasize this enough – totally not at fault for what happened, but this doesn’t look like a good match.

If anyone has any ideas, we’d love some leads.

Shavua Tov!

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