Spambots step up their game

Seems the spambots have found this blog, and are trying furiously to comment. The first strange thing is that many of them don’t seem to have links embedded. Not sure what benefit they get, then… maybe they’re dedicated to spam lishmah.

The other strange thing is how quasi-substantive the spam is, and how topical. These bots must latch on to key words to be able to tell this is a Jewish blog, with Torah ideas, and post “appropriately.” For example, here’s one attempted spam comment (wait, am I doing their will by posting it here?):

before I consider Rabash not only the fowlloer of his father Baal HaSulam, but I see him as one of the greatest Kabbalaists, who explained to us how to use all the knowledge given by Baal haSulam in our inner work, and Rav Tzvi, as well as all the rest of contemporary kabbalists here in Israel and abroud, have first to study Rabash and his comments on TES, before they have, if the Creator will wish, something additional to say on Zohar and Ar’i Za’l.     But Rav Tzvi as well as all the others have a right to present his work and comments in the form of books and websites and if there are people who may use his work for their spiritual correction, I will be the last to say to them not to do it.     Today is the day of the correction of Gevurah of Malkhut=Discipline in Nobility, and that is what Rav Simon Jacobson has to say about it:      There is another factor in the discipline of sovereignty: determining the area in which you have jurisdiction and authority. And some of the questions that he gives as to answer is: Do I recognaize when I am not an authority and Do I respect the authority of others?    For me Rabash is the highest authority on Baal haSulam’s teaching and as you know you may not clame your PhD, if you haven’t studies all the literature on the topic, and only then you are allowed to say what you personally have to say on this topic.    And for those who try to comment on Baal haSulam without studing Rabash, there is a good advice given by Rav Simon Jacobson: Before taking an authoritative position on any given issue, pause and reflect if you have the right and the ability to exersice authority in this situation.     And as I said the authority of the Rabash is not only  of the one of the fowlloers of Baal haSulam, but it is a complete method of inner spiritual work, which is the final purpose of studing Torah, Gemmrah, Zohar, TES and all the comments of our Sages.

Weird, no?

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