It’s beginning to look a lot like Succos

With Succos coming up quickly (it starts Sunday night), the Rova is a flurry of activity. Palm fronds seem to be the schach of choice. Lulavim and esrogim are for sale around every corner.

People just go ahead and put up their succahs in the public square. Note also the construction activity up on the rooftops.


Carrying the schach up to the succah.


Schach delivery.


Schach for sale by the parking lot, with the Churva in the background.


Engineering around hazards in the landscape.


I got my esrog from a fellow at the yeshiva who was selling them. Here’s some of what he had to choose from.


Lulavim on his table.



Seasonal flags look a little different over here.


In the heat of Succos prep, look who shows up again.


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