Don’t mail us any checks

My grandmother recently visited as part of a tour, and said she’d sent us a copy of her itinerary some weeks ago. We didn’t get it, and figured she must’ve thought she’d included us in an email when she hadn’t. But it turns out she’d mailed a hard copy, which finally showed up a couple of days ago, in one of those “sorry we damaged your mail” clear plastic envelopes. The funny thing was, it didn’t seem to have been chewed on by a sorting machine or anything. Instead, it looked like it had been opened.

A neighbor filled us in, saying it was probably a postal worker looking for checks. Apparently, mail to the Rova is routed through the East Jerusalem post office, which is infamous for this sort of thing.

So, if you were considering mailing us a check – and who isn’t? – maybe it isn’t the best idea. Just let me know, and I’ll pass along our wire transfer info.

2 thoughts on “Don’t mail us any checks

  1. thekrakowskisMoshe

    Dear Sir,

    I would like very much please to mail you a check, as part of reparations for ongoing troubles in my home country. Please to be so kind as to forward your wire transfer information, as due to international troubles i fear the check will not be secure in your post office.


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