Sirens in Jerusalem

Well, I guess now it’s personal.

No, no – we’re fine, everything here is fine.

Ironic that I didn’t hear the sirens at the yeshiva, because at least there we know where the miklat is.

Last evening, just after Shabbos started, the sirens went off. I was at the yeshiva for services, where we didn’t hear anything. But here at home, they were ear-splitting (friends who were at the Kotel said they couldn’t hear any sirens, but authorities got on the loudspeaker and ordered everyone into shelter). We had no idea where the miklat (shelter) closest to our apartment is, so Debbie grabbed up the kids and ran outside, counting on following the neighbors there. The good news: the neighbors led her right to the miklat, and it is very close, just across the street. The bad news: it wasn’t open. The group went looking for alternatives, but then the siren ended, so Debbie spent some time hanging out with neighbors and discussing alternatives, then came home. I got home to the story, and we went on with Shabbos as usual.

There were lots of rumors over Shabbos about how many rockets there were, and where they landed. We now know that there was one, and it didn’t make it to Jerusalem. It apparently landed in an empty area somewhere in the Gush Etzion area (south of Jerusalem, and well south of us).

So, we had a little excitement, but they missed us. By a lot. And we’re safe, there’s no need for anyone to worry. Just in case, the miklat is now open, and the neighbors are discussing preparations like stocking it with basic supplies. I had been hoping for twinkies…

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  1. Chaya Chertok

    i was a madricha at the Heritage House in the Old City; i was by the Kotel, and sure enough, we didn’t hear anything! when the loudspeaker went on in Hebrew i thought it was a secular tour group that didn’t know loudspeakers weren’t supposed to be used by the Kotel! it was scary when everyone started running. BH for the loads of soldiers who were there! our miklat was open but the light wasn’t turned on, as we discovered upon coming back to the hostel…

    may Hashem keep us all safe!!


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