Another lament about my blogging backlog

Here it is, almost the end of Pesach, and I still haven’t put up a post about Purim. I also have pics and thoughts about Pesach preparations.  But the first thing I would up writing was a post about some interesting Kosel & Har Habayis experiences, so I think I’ll put that up shortly rather than wait until I get the other stuff done. I thought being bein hazemanim would mean plenty of time for blogging, but other things (Pesach prep!) have gotten in the way. Also, blogging is a lot harder than I thought it would be, so it gets pushed down the list.

One thought on “Another lament about my blogging backlog

  1. Bob Shmikler

    This was wonderful. I want to encourage you to get the blog complete with your other experiences. The legacy that you and Debbie are leaving here has value to your readers.


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